Internet Source Verification-

This year we will be using a significant number of primary sources and internet sources. It is crucial for your research and your work that you validate your information from a reputable site. The following chart will be a very good way to check your sources.

Website Validation (REAL)Evaluate websites with variations and extensions of skills you use to evaluate print materials.


Read the URL:
  • What is the base URL (domain and extension)?
  • Do you recognize the domain name?
  • What is the extension in the domain name?
  • What does this extension mean? Country Codes -
  • What can you tell about the site by simply reading the domain name (without even visiting the site?)
  • Is the site sponsored/hosted by a trusted organization?
  • Is it a personal page?*
  • Is it published using a free web hosting service?*
Examine the content:
  • Does the site appear useful for your purpose?
  • Does the information appear accurate and complete?
  • How does it compare to other resources on the same topic?
  • Are sources cited? Can you verify key information?
  • What is the purpose of the site (inform, persuade, entertain?)
  • When was the site last updated?*
  • How has the site changed over time?Wayback Machine -
  • Are there ads on the page? Does that affect the credibility?
Ask about the author
  • Who wrote the site? Do they provide credentials?
  • Look for "About" or Google the author/owner. What kind of results do you get?
  • Is there a way to contact the author?
  • Who owns the site? Check EasyWhois -
  • Does the author seem knowledgeable? Is s/he an expert in the field? How can you tell?
Look at the links:
  • What does the page or site link to (credible/trusted sources)?
  • Do the domain names change?
  • What links to this site?
  • Why are they linked?Use the Link:command (Yahoo, AltaVista, Google);
  • What do other sites say about the material/content on your site?
*The implications/importance of these criteria will vary depending on the topic and purpose.

REAL Video Series (Brian Mull, November Learning) -

With a partner, examine one of the sites below
Now choose a topic and find three websites that you would use to research this topic. Compare and note if these websites would be considered viable resources using the chart above.

Record your findings on the discussion tab!