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If you want to save your PowerPoint as a PDF after you click on Save on PDF and save to your H-Drive


"Flip Snack is a free tool for turning your PDFs into ebooks with page turning effects. To use Flip Snack you have to create an account. ..upload your PDF and select the color, style, and size of display that you desire. The free version of Flip Snack allows you to embed your document anywhere you like" (By Richard Byrne).

Little Bird Tales - Digital Storytelling for Young Students

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Little Bird Tales is a nice site intended for younger students to use to create digital stories. Little Bird Tales walks users through each step of creating a multimedia story. Users can upload images, draw images, or record from their webcams. Stories can be written with text or narrated by students using microphones connected to their computers. Watch the video below to learn more about Little Bird Tales(BY Richard Byrne).

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Tool Flexibility

Ask yourself questions when considering which tool to use to create your project:
What is the purpose of the tool?
Will learning how to use it, or navigating the challenges of the tool, fit into my time frame?
Does the tool showcase and enhance the information that I want others to understand?
Does the tool meet the criteria given in the assignment?
Considering the audience, do I need the text recorded? Does the tool allow for that?
Does the tool I select allow for easy posting to the Wiki or Moodle?